Piano Lessons

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Starting piano lessons is such an exciting and important time for a child. 

When your child comes in for their first lesson, they may be shy or nervous, knowing almost nothing about the piano.  Or maybe they’ve been playing on Grandma’s old piano every week, and pestering you for lessons! 

Either way, by the end of their first lesson, your child will be beaming with pride.  They'll have learnt a simple tune or two, and they'll be feeling pretty good about their ability to learn something new.  Their exciting musical journey has begun...


So many adults wish they'd had piano lessons as a child, and lament that they will never fulfil their dream.  But it is never too late to learn an instrument!  

Perhaps you've never even looked at a piece of written music before.  Or perhaps you took piano lessons as a child, but gave up too soon.  Or maybe you used to play a different instrument, but just love the sound of the piano?

I find many adults would like to play music with their young children, or play a few favourite pieces to unwind after a stressful work day.  Or perhaps you're a singer and would love to accompany yourself with the piano?

Whatever the case, you are most welcome to come and give piano lessons a go.  You'll be surprised and delighted by the music you will make!

Availability & Fees

I currently start piano lessons for children aged about 6 years or older.

Young beginners usually start with 30 minute lessons, so they are not overwhelmed by too many new concepts each week.

Once older students have advanced their skills, they may opt for 45 minute lessons, as they are able to process more information in the one sitting and have longer attention spans.

Lessons for school children are available Monday to Thursday after school, and also on Saturdays.  I'm also available for adult lessons between 10.30 am and 1 pm some week days if it suits your schedule.

All students receive a complimentary note book and display folder, but lesson books will be an additional cost as needed.

30 minutes = $35

45 minutes = $52